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Find out how we can work with you to develop joint bid proposals for public funds. If you're seeking funding for proof of concept or seed funding, you can contact us for information on the funds available for public and third sector organisations.

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We can work with you on joint bid proposals for the below public funding opportunities.

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Collaborating for impact on education

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    [Name caption GFX – Jane Oakhill – Professor of Experimental Psychology]

    Jane: My research that has had the most direct application has been that on children's development of, and their difficulties with, reading comprehension and what can be done to support that development.

    I've got experience of presenting my research findings to stakeholders, in my case that's mainly teachers and discussing how they might apply those findings in practice. And very recently, with a PhD student, I'm also getting involved in the development of a MOOC, that's a Massive Open Online Course and the exciting new aspect of that development is that we're involving teachers in the co-construction of the course materials. 

    I think what's really important for stakeholders is that they're aware of, and really understand, the research because that's going to give them the knowledge to enable them to identify problems and to teach flexibly and not be dependent on programs of materials, so I think it's really important to work together with teachers and empower them by involving them in the research. 

    I'm probably most proud of the impact of my findings on changes to the national curriculum in England, which now emphasises the need to teach reading comprehension. As a result of those changes there’s been a raised awareness of this need in schools and an awareness of the problems that some children have with reading comprehension and how reading comprehension develops.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

Not-for-profit organisations such as social enterprises and charities are eligible for Knowledge Transfer Partnership grants.

The schemes allow organisations to have a part-funded innovator in residence to help develop a service or product. Each KTP project is a three-way partnership between an organisation, an academic or team of academics, and a graduate.

Across the country around 800 businesses, 100 knowledge bases and over 800 graduates (called KTP Associates) are involved in KTPs in unique and collaborative partnerships, creating positive impact and driving innovation.

At Βι¶ΉΣ³»­, we have a growing reputation to develop KTPs. You can contact us to find out more about how we can work with you.

Even if you are from a public sector organisation, so not eligible for a KTP, you can benefit from other funding schemes as outlined below.

ESRC and AHRC impact accelerator funds

From law to management studies, psychology to media studies and English to digital humanities – our social sciences, arts and humanities researchers, have the knowledge and skills to help bring about social and economic benefit for organisations.

The ESRC ad AHRC Impact Acceleration Accounts provide quick turnaround seed funding that enables our researchers to work on collaborations with public and third sector partners of all kinds.

We support partnerships with organisations such as:

  • local authorities
  • schools
  • NHS trusts
  • NGOs
  • local charities.

We offer our researchers support to work on early-stage projects to:

  • scope out ideas for collaboration
  • co-create research to understand and inform practice
  • undertake projects together to realise a shared ambition for change.


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